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Kitchen Counter Salad Science

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Science is hard to fit into your busy homeschool day.

Lots of parents simply skip it. "We'll do that next year."

Or maybe you've done some science unit studies, and you have the junk in the closet to prove it!

What if there was a science unit study that worked with you, instead of against you?

What if a unit study left your family better off? Healthier—academically, physically, and spiritually?

Welcome to Kitchen Counter Salad Science. In this unit study, you and your family will learn about the fundamentals of plant growth by growing salad greens on your kitchen counter.

While the activity is ongoing, you'll have decorative conversation pieces adorning your house. You and your kids will get to see things that are usually hidden from you underground.

Even better, at the end you’ll have delicious, nutritious greens to enjoy together.

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Last updated Aug 25, 2023

A coil-bound first edition of Kitchen Counter Salad Science, along with ebook version and printable PDFs.

Lay-flat coil binding
US-only $5 flat rate
Not what you expected? No worries with our 90-day ironclad money-back guarantee!
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Kitchen Counter Salad Science

0 ratings
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